Mi-e dor de fetele mele

Scriam articolul de ieri si m-a lovit: mi-e dor de voi, fetelor!

Mi-am amintit serile in ceainarii sau prin vreo terasa (cand ne-am facut mai mari) si cum ne lasam scoase cu forta de catre personal, sa se poata si ei duce acasa. Cum radeam de ne auzeam din partea cealalta a localului. Cum siroiau lacrimile de fericirea impartirii unui ceai si unei seri cu voi, fetelor!  Continue reading

English thoughts

Calm down, it’s not all about you!

We are human beings and, by nature we feel important. Each and every one of us. Either we admit it or not. I am a human, too (yup!) and I’ve been feeling important all my 33 years. It started early, being the first kid of 2 young and full of love parents, it continued later with some help from my very rich imagination and the 2 mirrors in the house. Continue reading