Mi-e dor de fetele mele

Scriam articolul de ieri si m-a lovit: mi-e dor de voi, fetelor!

Mi-am amintit serile in ceainarii sau prin vreo terasa (cand ne-am facut mai mari) si cum ne lasam scoase cu forta de catre personal, sa se poata si ei duce acasa. Cum radeam de ne auzeam din partea cealalta a localului. Cum siroiau lacrimile de fericirea impartirii unui ceai si unei seri cu voi, fetelor!  Continue reading

English thoughts, ganduri

About life and death

The other days I was reading about a young beautiful girl that suffered a sudden accident and got burned 90% of her body. She had an intervention in Vienna, in the try to save her life. She fought with all her power but, in the end, she lost the battle. 1 day before her 27th birthday.

Was it fair for her to suffer so much pain and die? No, absolutely not! Could have anybody do anything to prevent that? Maybe….we will never know. Can anybody control the course of life? For sure not, even if sometimes we have the fake feeling we do it. Continue reading