English thoughts

I, robot

Today I have discovered one article about Sophia, the first robot with a nationality, recognized by a country as it’s citizen. (not debating here the fact that she has more rights than the women living in the same country…)
If you haven’t heard about her yet, you can find more details on her own web site : http://sophiabot.com/about-me/ 

I must admit it made me think….
After having read a considerable amount of Asimov‘s writings, I can’t stop from feeling a bit odd before this novelty (for me at least). Is this really happening? Already?? Are we really ready for this??

I mean… I find Asimov’s predictions pretty accurate and I would expect them to eventually happen one day…some day….in the future… One day when we, the humans, would be prepared to handle humanoid robots.

If you haven’t already red the books about robots & humans, please do so. They are a fascinating lecture and might change your perspective about the future. It had definitely changed mine!

Now…getting back to Sophia… I find her a bit arrogant in the way she constructs her answers (normally influenced by her creator). And she is trying too hard to imitate humans. It is a bit spooky to feel her perceived superiority when talking to humans. I hope Hanson Robotics have thought well the entire process and did a good job at defining the right rules of functioning. If not…it might get ugly fast, as a robot’s capacity of evolution is huge. Gigantesque!

Well…I’m shaken. I feel like I was not ready for the news. I hope the humanity is…




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